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STEVINA Joint Stock Company.

By the year of 2009, there are almost 5 million diabetes patients in Vietnam. Vietnam is becoming one of the countries with the highest growth rate of diabetes over the world, with the growth rate ranging from 8 to 20% each year.

This information was provided by Dr. Pham Song, Chairman of Vietnam Medical Association, at the conference regarding the announcement of “Socializing communicating activities of National program targeted at preventing diabetes” Project, which was held in Hanoi.

It’s worth mentioning that while the numbers of diabetes patients keeps rising at a very fast rate, about 65% of them do not know that they are suffering from diabetes before going for check-up. Thus, most patients had the disease developed to blindness, kidney failure or necrosis by the time they visited hospital.

Mr Nguyen Ba Thuy, Deputy Minister of Health, mentioned at the conference: according to WHO, the fee required for treating diabetes patients is not a small amount. Each diabetes patient requires a medical fee about 2-3 times higher than disease-free people. The costs for treating and preventing diabetes were estimated to be 232-430 billion USD. Therefore, the National program targeted at preventing diabetes with the slogan “Living right for long-lasting life” had been approved by Prime Minister to reduce the increasing number of diabetes patients. Viet Xo Agricultural and Seafood Processing Company has been collaborating with Vietnamese leading agricultural and medical scientists to research at the Experimental Center of Hanoi Agricultural Secondary School. The main areas of research are highly economic and health agriculture and pharmaceutical plants. After 2 years of research and experiment, the scientists encourage developing Stevia Rebaudiana as an agriculture plant, which provides the highest economic efficiency and also can be used as a medical plant effectively at treating many human diseases.

Stevia Rebaudiana originates from Paraguay. We have been researching many new technologies at growing Stevia in various ecological regions in Northern, Middle and Southern part of Vietnam. It turned out that Vietnamese environment is really suited for growing Stevia. Stevia is very beneficial for patients suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure, preventing obesity and tooth decay…etc... At the same time, Stevia is highly economic, about 2-3 times higher compared to other agriculture plants.

STEVINA Joint Stock Company was officially established in 2012. About 45.6 billion VND was contributed from shareholders to develop raw material areas of 1000 hectares in phase 1. STEVINA JSC was officially registered in the Department of Intellectual Property of Vietnam in obtaining industrial property rights.




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