For the benefits of our Country! For the benefits of our country’s farmers!

STEVINA strive to develop along with the farmers by applying the most scientific and professional co-production model. We are committed to actively improve the quality of farmers’ life, at the same time contribute to socio-economic development of localities across the country.

Provide pure and safe ingredients for the food industry.

Keeping in mind “Always dedicated to the consumers” as our philosophy, STEVINA always diversify products by innovating natural sweeteners while maintaining high quality standards, which keeps everyone healthy to lead a life full of joys.

Ensure a healthy life in terms of both physical and mental for each member of company. Create a working environment filled with innovation and chance to promote.

Maximize the investment value of shareholders; maintain profit growth and healthy financial situation.

To accomplish this mission, we endeavor to:

Provide the most competitive price, along with the highest quality standard and safest product to satisfy the demands and desires of various customers.

Optimize producing process; strive to expand the material areas to 10.000 hectares by 2022 to provide 17% of natural sugar’s demand across the country.

Build a working environment filled with friendliness, solidarity, professionalism and creativity.

Meet the expectations of the investors by achieving outstanding business performance and professional capital management.




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