Procedures for evaluating and controlling the supplier

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Procedures for evaluating

and controlling the supplier



Evaluate and select the supplier fitting requirement of Stevina JSC and satisfying the demand of customers.


Apply to the suppliers providing services and products to the company, which have direct impact on the product quality of the company.



1. Flowchart:








Form of the initial supplier list


Manager, Employee


Criteria for evaluating suppliers




List of the official suppliers



2. Interpretation of evaluation stages:

a. Gather information of suppliers:

There are a lot of suppliers providing the same products; therefore to make the right decision, the Company must gather information of suppliers through these:

- Newspaper ads, radio ads, television ads.

- Supplier’s catalogue.

- Direct contact with the supplier.

- Introduction from other related units…

b. Make initial supplier list:

The suppliers will be updated on the initial supplier list; the evaluator must gather sufficient formation in the form No: 1/BM-TTDGNCU

c. Establish evaluation criteria:

- To evaluate the supplier, the Company considers issues related to the supplier and evaluates according to the criteria determined by the Company (including Stevina JSC’s general criteria form No 2/BM-TTDGNCU)

- Perform supplier evaluation according to the selected criteria.

d. Perform supplier evaluation according to the selected criteria.

- After reviewing and evaluating the potential of each supplier, the evaluator will process to classify the suppliers according to the supplier evaluation criteria, the selected criteria, then evaluate again.

- Visit the firm and directly evaluate the infrastructure, establishment license, business and capability of supplier.

e. Make official supplier list:

The list of selected supplier must be made according to the order of evaluation results in form No.: 3/BM-TTDGNCU.

f. Present to the Director the official supplier list to obtain approval:

The Director will review the supplier evaluation criteria. If the Director disapproves, the evaluation process will have to be remade. If the Director agrees, the list of selected suppliers will be approved.

g. Save the documents:

The list of selected suppliers will be updated often. All documents related to the evaluation results and any necessary action arising from the evaluation must be maintained.

3. Suppliers re-evaluation:

After one year or under the urgent request of the Director, the Company will process to re-evaluate the suppliers available in the official list, who have been providing products and services to the Company.


The list of selected suppliers to assess - Form No.: 1/BM-TTDGNCU.

Table of supplier evaluation - Form No.: 2/BM-TTDGNCU.

List of officially selected suppliers - Form No.: 3/BM-TTDGNCU.

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